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Peachtree Endodontics, Patient Reviews

  • Anonymous – “Great experience! Dr. Brown is a great man and he is Certified Professional when it comes to endodontic care!”
  • Jim F. – “A painless, friendly procedure. Everything was explained so no surprises.”
  • Laura M. – “They were professional, caring, and honest, which are biggies with me….. the office was like walking into a spa, very nice and very calming.”
  • Jack B. – “…..the service was above and beyond from start to finish.”
  • Debbie G. – “I felt like I was home. It was one of the most courteous, professional environments I have been in. I felt so welcomed and everyone was very warm.”
  • Bernadette T. – “…..the treatment received couldn’t have been better. Thank you for the wonderful care.”
  • Brandi C. – “I just wanted to thank you for the best root canal experience ever. You are an amazing doctor…thank you for being awesome and making a root canal fun.”
  • Clay R. – “I’ve had root canals in the past and this was by far my best experience. Fast, friendly, and virtually painless……what more can you ask for in a root canal?”
  • Shenika S. – “I was very scared and nervous about experiencing pain during my root canal procedure. The (dental) assistant kept me calm through pleasant conversation……Dr. Brown assured me it would not hurt……instantly I felt at ease.”
  • Betty B. – “I cannot say that I have ever visited a dental office that showed as much caring and concern as you all did. Entering the office was such a calming experience; it was like entering a spa. The decoration and cleanliness was breath taking. Then to have the staff so professional in the service they gave was just wonderful.”
  • Cindy S. – “Dr. Brown put me at ease right away. The root canal was completely painless, and if I ever need another one, this is the place I’ll go.”
  • Marc T. – “The staff is so friendly. You make me feel like family. And you made me feel relaxed. Good job to everybody.”
  • A. Thomas – “From the first phone call to the office, to the final treatment, the staff and Dr. Brown were patient, concerned, and thorough.”
  • Lora G. – “I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brown to anyone! HE is an exceptional doctor!!”
  • Joyce T. – “One of the best experiences I have had with work on my teeth”
  • Laraine M. – “I Felt absolutely NOTHING. The entire procedure was free of pain and any pressure. I have never had a root canal in my life like this!”
  • Jean K. – “Thank you for being as caring, compassionate and professional as possible. Everyone on your staff is great. I am glad you all were the ones to take care of me. I’m feeling great again.”
  • Marcia H. – “Now this is what I call GREAT customer service.”
  • Dwaine P. – “It is truly exceptional service and I’ve never seen such in a medical provider’s office. It is more akin to what one might find at a luxury hotel.”
  • Sharon T. – “……what a great job you did on both my root canals – you were truly a kind and caring person. Your staff also was professional and friendly. Thank you for an amazing job done.”
  • Angie B. – “Your assistant was the friendliest……..gentle with x-rays, and sweetest I have ever encountered!”
  • Regina E. – “Thank you for making my visit a pleasant experience. I was very nervous about the root canal but you and your staff put me at such ease.”
  • Cathryn S. – “…. from the first phone call I felt special, taken care of, and totally confident that everything would be ok….you guys are awesome!”
  • Sue P. – “I am so impressed with every person that is a part of your practice. You all handled everything so well. I was at ease with the whole process.”
  • Jan P. – “From the front desk to the exit desk, Peachtree Endodontics is extremely professional and I would certainly recommend your services to all.”
  • Lisa W. – “You and your staff excel at making patients feel at ease during procedures that tend to make most of us feel nervous. You have a unique practice made up of wonderful people.”
  • Aliese K. – “Thank you for working me in to your busy schedule. Dr. Brown was so gentle and kind and so was the staff!”
  • Arlene M. – “Your office staff is very professional, caring, and friendly.”
  • Lisa W. – “I chose Peachtree Endodontics deliberately for my treatment based on what people are saying about your kindness and ability.”
  • Cindy S. – “The entire staff from the front office to the assistants were extremely nice. I appreciate all the care I received.”
  • Karen M. – “A big shout out to you and your staff for always being so accommodating and prompt. I always feel calm, not axious, when I come into your office. The procedure was easy with no pain, thanks to you and your dental assistant.”
  • Angie B. – “I cannot tell you how I appreciate your gentleness in the dental chair. I am tweeting about you and will put you on my FaceBook!”
  • Michael B. – “I want to thank you so much for your concerned and caring attitude. Everyone always talks about patient care but you exemplify it, and for that, we are most grateful.”
  • Michele K. – “Your gentle manner and sweet personality made my experience with you enjoyable. I have indeed told ALL my friends you’re the man to go to should they ever need root canal work done.”
  • Jeffrey W. – “Just a word of thanks for rescuing my poor ailing tooth! Due to your tenacity and skill, it has another chance.”
  • Linda S. – “You are giving the dreaded root canal a good reputation!!”
  • Kim K. – “I want to thank you for making my root canal pain free. I heard what a great disposition you had and that’s why I chose you. The hug was the icing on the cake!”
  • Arlene M. – “You did a wonderful job and have an excellent bedside manner, and I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are in need of endodontic work.”
  • Katherine M. – “I’ve been singing your praises to everyone I know. I’ve had many root canals but I can sincerely say you are the very best endodontist ever!”
  • Robert M. – “I know it’s not typical to write a thank you card to a dentist. However, my experience at your office was not typical. Everything about my recent visit was great, and yes, I’m referring to my root canal.”

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